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Married To Medicine Season 2


The lines are drawn in the sand….Everyone take cover!!!

Without a doubt MTM was my favorite reality show last year. These doctors and doctor’s wives are the perfect combination of vain, catty, intelligent, bold and flat out entertainment. You can say a lot about these women but one thing you won’t say is, they’re boring. My biggest concern of season 2 was it losing its spark, rawness, and yes “realness” because it happens too often in reality TV. Often times people see themselves on TV and after taking a beating from the public, decide they need to tone it down or turn it up. Well let me tell you my good people, worry not because these broads are too ego stricken to change and I love them even more for it.

Jackie is still her God complex self, sitting on her holy thrown of I’m better than you and everyone should look like me. Except this season she will be touching more into her true Achilles hill which is her inability to bare children. As sad as that is, I’m sure she just wants to come off as grounded as possible to keep people from thinking she’s a complete bitch.

Simone is still “The Man of the House” working long hours and emasculating her husband by reiterating how much she works and don’t have time to cook, clean, and raise children. I’m not sure if her husband didn’t like how he was betrayed on TV or took a verbal beating from friends and family but now the waters are choppy because her marriage is shaky.

Ms. Mariah is showing how conceited and arrogant she truly is this season with her falling out with Ms. Quad. Just when you thought no friendship could be better, reality TV has brought out true colors once again. Apparently Ms. Mariah and her hood family have decided that they “made” Ms. Quad and she needs to lurk in the shadows or be Robin to Ms. Mariah’s Batman. Ms. Quad honey you better do you and get them coins and don’t let no one dull your shine. Now I could talk about how Ms. Quad and her storyline of her husband wanting a baby….oh wait I just did.

Toya is back and still boring but she did one thing right in introducing us to her ally friend and that’s Heavenly. Let me tell you Heavenly is anything and everything but the definition of her name. This dentist/doctor wife is locked and loaded with shots and apparently she don’t come with a safety because even Toya was dissed. First episode of the season Heavenly hosted a black tie event at her home for all the cast and she went straight for the throats of Jackie and Simone. She is definitely a new villain in the “Reality” world.

Married to Medicine added 2 people this season and although they showed Lisa, they didn’t feel she was worthy of a real introduction for this first episode which leads me to believe she’s probably just a filler but only time will tell.

I don’t know about you but I will be tuned in every week of this season. These ladies will definitely bring the heat this spring.

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Hard Walk to College

I’m a single mom of 2 teenage sons who insist on growing up. I’ll be the first to admit that initially I was all for growing up and getting out but now I’ve come to realize that it’s not that simple. Currently my sister is going through the process of ushering her twin daughters off to college but I was fortunate enough to witness the journey its taken to get them there. My sister has helped them with studying, prepping for SAT & ACT, college tours, college applications, and now scholarships. It has been extremely demanding and all I can think is “oh shit” I’m next.

When I was their age all I dreamed about was going to college. My mother had never been, actually no one in my family had been until my sister. Needless to say my mom didn’t know the first thing about prepping for college. As much as I would love to take this time out to be selfish and start pursuing my dreams, I realize this is actually the time they need me most. So when there are days when I want to blog about shallow fun or silly topics, I don’t because instead my brain is drained from work and trying to find my sons the necessary resources to put them on the path of success.

So because this has been my main and only focus for quite sometime I figure why not just blog about this. Perhaps some readers out there can help me, give me some leads. Maybe we can help each other. They say it takes a village so I guess I’m asking you to be my neighbor 🙂


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Writers wanting a free ride

I think this is super cool and I’m thinking of applying.

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Online Dating Rituals of the American Male


Remember when online dating was taboo? Well not anymore and now Bravo aka “Reality Show Channel” has brought us another show to get addicted to. Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is a docu-series based on men dating women they meet online. Each episode follows 2 men as they initiate contact then date different women from online dating websites.

I know many of you are thinking a lot of these guys will not be themselves because they know they will be on TV and though that may be true, many of them will actually be worse. Prime example, their debut episode featured Alex, a 27 year old “douche-bag” who’s recovering from self-esteem. Ladies if you ever questioned a man’s sincerity because everything he said was too perfect, he is proof as to why you should doubt it. Alex who admits to being a childhood chubby who had problem getting girls and now is constantly on the chase to find a woman to sleep with on date one. Speaking from experience, he is the most common man on the dating scene. This guy is the reason why make-out sessions are a big No-No on date one. Alex is your worst case scenario in dating.

Then there is Marcus aka “the divorcee” who is 36 and looking for love. Marcus is what any and every woman would want; tall, dark, handsome and a body built for a queen. This chocolate man is also educated and established with no children. As predicted and expected, Marcus goes on dates with some of the oddest and craziest women. Though Marcus seems to be a honest and straight forward good guy there is one thing we must keep in mind, there are cameras rolling. Either way there are some lessons to be learned for us single ladies out there.

Thus far Bravo has found a way to suck another hour out of my life or at the very least 40 min as I fast forward through commercials. I’m curious to see who the next set of men will be next week but I’m even more curious to see what kind of women they are dating. For now you’ll have to excuse this shallow post but I blame it on this shallow show. Online Dating Rituals of the American Male (this title is too damn long) airs 10pm Sunday on Bravo.

Will you be watching??!

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Talkin’ Tea of Real Housewives of Atlanta and let’s just say the flavor was Shady Grey!!!

Last night’s episode was a massacre and the biggest wolf of the pack was Peter but before we get into that lets recap where they left off.

In continuation of the week before debacle of the Bailey “Brawl” Bowl, where the Oscar winning performance went to the new found friends of Kenya & Marlo, Kenya had a girl pow-wow at Marlo’s to show off her fancy townhome digs and Kenya’s “Rentley” (as Phaedra calls it). A little birdie told me that Nene isn’t paranoid and that the producers are trying to get people to take fire at her, although I’m sure it’s just for ratings and not removal but nonetheless Nene could use  fewer layers of arrogance and an extra scoop of humbleness but hey that’s just my opinion. Anyhow, I was all for this shade session until I realize they didn’t “bring it.” Ladies if you gone take down a giant you’re going to have to stop tip toeing around and learn to “say it with your chest” or otherwise you’re looking a little yellow.

Phaedra, however isn’t holding back this episode, or this season. I’m not sure where all this back bone is coming from but the girl is showing more true colors in these sit down confessions. She managed to call Porsha stupid and give Kenya a new name that honestly is quite catchy Kenya Moore Whore. *giggles*

Just when we thought Kordell was an obsolete non-factor that we’ve all forgotten about, here comes Peter making house visits and raising drama from the dead. I can say that this little house visit has brought Kordell some redemption considering his now ex-wife Porsha has thrown more dirt on him than an indoor Monster truck Jam but hey anything to make her look good. You best believe that sneaky Pete used this information later and he wasted no time in doing so.

Fast forward to the Mexico trip, fresh off the plane, one limo ride later and here comes Peter stirring the pot before they can even wash off the stench of the plane. One thing I love about this show is how you can be confronted anytime about your personal life in front of everyone just in case others would like to take a stab at you too. What makes matters worse is Porsha is on this trip solo because not only is she man-less but apparently she’s friendless too. We’ll get back to Porsha and a few but for now…..

Kenya when are you gone reveal this African millionaire man of yours?! Oh I guess after you find him. Kenya’s antics are truly getting old like those eggs of hers. In what world is it okay to put up photos of yourself in couples rooms but I digress. As much as Kenya likes to think she is killing Nene with kindness, it really just looks like she’s kissing her ass. Maybe it’s just me….*shrugs* After everyone got settled in their rooms they got together for dinner. Ms. Kenya Moore Whore decided to do assigned seating in a very nontraditional way. She separated all the couples and this made things interesting indeed. One thing I can say about this season is the men have sharper claws than the women. Who knew when everyone sat down for dinner that the main course would be Porsha. Porsha, honey, you ain’t built for this life. I advise you find something or someone else because you are clearly a sheep amongst wolves.

Either way I can’t wait for next week’s episode when we get to see Kenya Moore Whore in her truest element because Phaedra so idiotly brought her foolish husband Apollo along. Bad for her but good for us. Let the triflingness begin.  *Insert evil laugh here!*

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Reign Supreme…..a virtue of a woman

I’m obsessed with Royalty!


There is a new television series on CW by the name of Reign and it is intoxicating. I’m not a big fan of history because I don’t like just listening to facts. I need excitement mixed in and what’s more exciting than love?! Period dramas are always so intriguing because of their dialect and simplicity. Kingdom that ruled countries with power and greed. Kings did as they please with any & everyone but yet they still had rules. Rules they always challenged and boundaries they always pushed.

Let them tell it, when it comes to history, women were always the downfall of men small and great. It’s funny how women can be so virtuous yet they are so expendable. One moment men would do any and everything for a woman just to fulfill his burning desire to penetrate her but once he’s has his feed of her she’s of no use. Every man wants to be the first to explore a woman and take her innocence and quickly look at her as disgust afterward. I guess when you think of it not much has changed. Men have been this way since the beginning of time and not much has changed. The only difference now is that women can now provide for themselves. We take back our value by obtaining power. Now men have to measure up to us as much as we do them.

It’s weird because the thought of all of this is overwhelming. Life is such a chess game no matter how much you try not to play. It’s much easier to focus on goals such as education and careers than obtaining a mate. People are tricky and you can never truly understand their ambitions. However back then it seems they didn’t focus on education. Women just tend to the home. There was no special skill that men considered useful. Everyone cooked, cleaned, and bedded their men. If you weren’t queen you were no one and the best you could hope for was someone of nobility will want you so that you and your family could be better off and not shamed. Crazy how the likelihood of a family rest solely on who the daughter married. Damn it’s so complicated. Perhaps women are so complicated because men made us this way.

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Any curvy bloggers?!!!

I’m looking for curvy women who are bloggers to discuss working with Nicci Gilbert of R&B Divas. If you are or know of anyone please contact me. It can be a blogger, person with a youtube channel, make up artist, etc.

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Captain, Thor, Vegas….Oh My!!!

I am a huge movie goer. I love movies of all sorts except scary. I typically go every 2 to 3 weeks unless something I can’t wait to see comes out. My favorite movie buddy is my son and we can sit through up to 5 movies on a weekend. We start before noon and end around 8 pm or 9 pm depending on how we feel that day. This weekend we saw Thor, Captain Phillips, Last Vegas and Ender’s Game for the second time.


Let me start by saying I absolutely love Ender’s Game and plan on catching it a third time while it’s in theaters. Those kids were great as well as the story plot. Typically I don’t like to read novels after viewing the movie because the element of “surprise” has been spoiled but I would gladly make this an exception. I can’t imagine a movie this good not be just as well written. I’m not huge in sci-fi although I love ideal of playing with the future. They say that “Children are our future” and in this movie our lives rest in their little hands.


Moving on to Last Vegas which I was surprisingly very entertained with. Sometimes when old all-stars get together it feels forced and over done but that wasn’t the case with this movie at all. Each veteran have not lost his touch with charming appeal starting with Michael Douglas as the playboy in the group. Robert Deniro as the feisty grumpy guy who you feel sympathetic for. Morgan Freeman as the glue that keeps the guys together by being the compassionate one in the bunch and the voice of reason and Kevin Kline playing the geeky inadequate friend with his own agenda throughout the movie. What makes this movie adorable is even with age you can see the adolescence and youth in them showing that somethings never change which isn’t always so bad. It’s refreshing to see friendships that last and knowing that although you age physically you can stay youthful at heart. There were a few guest appearances and younger cast but my favorite would have to be Romany Malco. If you’re looking for a good laugh and good acting I would suggest this movie.


Captain Phillips was another good movie that I would recommend. There was a lot of intensity in this movie as you could imagine there would be. Tom Hanks role as Captain of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship was moving and strong. He really becomes the character in this movie and you so easily find yourself sucked into the depth of the situation. When you keep in perspective of it being a true story, you live on the age of your seat. Your heart goes out to the families on that boat and you applaud the men and their actions. Lets keep in mind the breakout stars aka villains aka pirates in this movie, Barkhad Abdi as the “captain” and Faysal Ahmed as Najee among a few others but these two sold their characters fully. Even when the movie had its slower moments and scenes you were wrapped up in the silent interactions. Very well-directed and worth the time and money.


Lastly we have Thor: The Dark World which I honestly believe was better than the first one. I feel this one was more thought out giving it a better story line for the characters. Chris Hemsworth did a great job leaving you too feel he is perfect in every super hero way. I especially like the softer side they showed to Loki. We know he’s a villain but it was nice to hate him a little less. The more I think about it the more I realize not all the cast leave you wanting more and they were good fillers but nothing to be excited about but perhaps the first one was so lacking that anything decent would be enough. I will say it left the perfect setup for a part 3 which I would gladly see even if only for Loki & Thor which honestly when it comes to superhero movies, a hero & villain, is all you need.

Disclaimer: I’m not a true movie critic but I’m a lover of movies and so my little two cents is just that, two cents 🙂

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Oh Michael Buble, I love the way you croon me!


Yes I realize that I am late with this album but I tend to stick to artist I know which is usually in the Pop or R&B area. I’ve always been a fan of Buble because of his smooth voice. He’s definitely a crooner reincarnated with his melodic approach to music as old as the 30s. This album in particular covers old classics like “The Best Is Yet To Come” & “It Had Better Be Tonight.” What I’ve come to discover about this 38-year-old Canadian is the older the song, the better he sounds. It’s no wonder this was his big breakout album because its amazing.

Songs like “I’m Your Man” makes you want that fairytale love that you always heard about but never felt exist. The musicianship in these songs are incredible with blaring horns and soft strings and hitting drums. This was when music was real music and put into thought. Back when women were cherished, adored, and romanced. Buble’s vocals are very fitting of these different eras of music and he definitely held his own with vocal trio Boyz II Men on “Comin’ Home Baby.”

If you don’t have this album you should seriously treat yourself to it. Run a hot bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, and allow yourself to drift to a land that Buble wants to take you full of romance, love, sincerity, and affection.

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Professionalism going down the toilet?!!!


Everyday social media is exposing the attention seekers of the world. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little attention. I mean who doesn’t want to be admired, appreciated, or popular. The real issue lies behind the boundaries people crossing for attention. Yes we can have the argument all day long that your personal life should be your personal life and not effect what you do at work but that would be a lie. Rather you want to admit it or believe it, YES it does matter what you do on your personal time if you’re a teacher, police officer, mayor, or any other type of public official as well as other professions. If you are going to be a sleazy individual than you should at least have the decency to not post it on social media.

I get that times have changed and a lot of things get a “pass” that didn’t use to but at what point do you say perhaps there are some children that shouldn’t see me this way or even this could affect my job. I get that hardly anyone cares about offending anyone and partly because negative feedback seems to be what gives you the most attention so people will do anything to get a rise out of folks just for a “like” “share” or “comment.” Some things should be left and kept among friends.

I don’t consider myself a shrewd or a square but maybe I am. However I would rather be an employed shrewd with class than a negative attention seeking whore asshole.

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