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Captain, Thor, Vegas….Oh My!!!

on November 11, 2013

I am a huge movie goer. I love movies of all sorts except scary. I typically go every 2 to 3 weeks unless something I can’t wait to see comes out. My favorite movie buddy is my son and we can sit through up to 5 movies on a weekend. We start before noon and end around 8 pm or 9 pm depending on how we feel that day. This weekend we saw Thor, Captain Phillips, Last Vegas and Ender’s Game for the second time.


Let me start by saying I absolutely love Ender’s Game and plan on catching it a third time while it’s in theaters. Those kids were great as well as the story plot. Typically I don’t like to read novels after viewing the movie because the element of “surprise” has been spoiled but I would gladly make this an exception. I can’t imagine a movie this good not be just as well written. I’m not huge in sci-fi although I love ideal of playing with the future. They say that “Children are our future” and in this movie our lives rest in their little hands.


Moving on to Last Vegas which I was surprisingly very entertained with. Sometimes when old all-stars get together it feels forced and over done but that wasn’t the case with this movie at all. Each veteran have not lost his touch with charming appeal starting with Michael Douglas as the playboy in the group. Robert Deniro as the feisty grumpy guy who you feel sympathetic for. Morgan Freeman as the glue that keeps the guys together by being the compassionate one in the bunch and the voice of reason and Kevin Kline playing the geeky inadequate friend with his own agenda throughout the movie. What makes this movie adorable is even with age you can see the adolescence and youth in them showing that somethings never change which isn’t always so bad. It’s refreshing to see friendships that last and knowing that although you age physically you can stay youthful at heart. There were a few guest appearances and younger cast but my favorite would have to be Romany Malco. If you’re looking for a good laugh and good acting I would suggest this movie.


Captain Phillips was another good movie that I would recommend. There was a lot of intensity in this movie as you could imagine there would be. Tom Hanks role as Captain of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship was moving and strong. He really becomes the character in this movie and you so easily find yourself sucked into the depth of the situation. When you keep in perspective of it being a true story, you live on the age of your seat. Your heart goes out to the families on that boat and you applaud the men and their actions. Lets keep in mind the breakout stars aka villains aka pirates in this movie, Barkhad Abdi as the “captain” and Faysal Ahmed as Najee among a few others but these two sold their characters fully. Even when the movie had its slower moments and scenes you were wrapped up in the silent interactions. Very well-directed and worth the time and money.


Lastly we have Thor: The Dark World which I honestly believe was better than the first one. I feel this one was more thought out giving it a better story line for the characters. Chris Hemsworth did a great job leaving you too feel he is perfect in every super hero way. I especially like the softer side they showed to Loki. We know he’s a villain but it was nice to hate him a little less. The more I think about it the more I realize not all the cast leave you wanting more and they were good fillers but nothing to be excited about but perhaps the first one was so lacking that anything decent would be enough. I will say it left the perfect setup for a part 3 which I would gladly see even if only for Loki & Thor which honestly when it comes to superhero movies, a hero & villain, is all you need.

Disclaimer: I’m not a true movie critic but I’m a lover of movies and so my little two cents is just that, two cents 🙂


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