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Professionalism going down the toilet?!!!

on November 7, 2013


Everyday social media is exposing the attention seekers of the world. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little attention. I mean who doesn’t want to be admired, appreciated, or popular. The real issue lies behind the boundaries people crossing for attention. Yes we can have the argument all day long that your personal life should be your personal life and not effect what you do at work but that would be a lie. Rather you want to admit it or believe it, YES it does matter what you do on your personal time if you’re a teacher, police officer, mayor, or any other type of public official as well as other professions. If you are going to be a sleazy individual than you should at least have the decency to not post it on social media.

I get that times have changed and a lot of things get a “pass” that didn’t use to but at what point do you say perhaps there are some children that shouldn’t see me this way or even this could affect my job. I get that hardly anyone cares about offending anyone and partly because negative feedback seems to be what gives you the most attention so people will do anything to get a rise out of folks just for a “like” “share” or “comment.” Some things should be left and kept among friends.

I don’t consider myself a shrewd or a square but maybe I am. However I would rather be an employed shrewd with class than a negative attention seeking whore asshole.


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