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30 Days of Blogging….Ready, Set, Go!!!

November has always been an important month to me and not just because of Thanksgiving. My birthday is this month. Although every year it turns out to be a disappointment because I never seem to have a someone special to make me special on my day, I’m still ever so grateful. Life is a gift and I appreciate it everyday. Well now November is more special than ever because I’m seeing all these sites and people participating in 30 days of writing. I think its’s great that people are pushing themselves and motivating others. I’ve decided to be one of these people so today just before that midnight expiration, I’ve managed to punch out a blog post. Nothing glitzy, creative or even catchy but I did it and sometimes that’s all that matters. It’s too early for writers block. I can’t let me get in the way of me. I’m looking forward to challenging myself everyday as well as making a few friends along the way.

Are you participating in 30 consecutive days of writing?

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What Will They Implant Next???

As we all know, cosmetic surgery is booming since no one seems to be satisfied with any genetic feature they were born with. The latest craze now is the Eyebrow implant, old news to some and new to most. Remember when everyone was shaving brows to make them pencil thin?! Well now everyone wants the Kardashian / Megan Fox look.

So how does it work? They take hair from the back of your neck and implant it in your brows. Don’t sound too bad right? I mean how many people care about that nappy kitchen anyway. The catch is you have to clip your brows because that hair grows just like it would normally meaning your “brows” can become bangs which isn’t cute. The cost of this procedure can range anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000.

As crazy as this sounds, I would recommend this over tattooing which I always thought was crazy. I’ve always had full brows that are naturally arched but not everyone is so lucky. Hey, this is a no judgement zone, so do what you got to do to love you.

What are your thoughts…..


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