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Reign Supreme…..a virtue of a woman

on November 14, 2013

I’m obsessed with Royalty!


There is a new television series on CW by the name of Reign and it is intoxicating. I’m not a big fan of history because I don’t like just listening to facts. I need excitement mixed in and what’s more exciting than love?! Period dramas are always so intriguing because of their dialect and simplicity. Kingdom that ruled countries with power and greed. Kings did as they please with any & everyone but yet they still had rules. Rules they always challenged and boundaries they always pushed.

Let them tell it, when it comes to history, women were always the downfall of men small and great. It’s funny how women can be so virtuous yet they are so expendable. One moment men would do any and everything for a woman just to fulfill his burning desire to penetrate her but once he’s has his feed of her she’s of no use. Every man wants to be the first to explore a woman and take her innocence and quickly look at her as disgust afterward. I guess when you think of it not much has changed. Men have been this way since the beginning of time and not much has changed. The only difference now is that women can now provide for themselves. We take back our value by obtaining power. Now men have to measure up to us as much as we do them.

It’s weird because the thought of all of this is overwhelming. Life is such a chess game no matter how much you try not to play. It’s much easier to focus on goals such as education and careers than obtaining a mate. People are tricky and you can never truly understand their ambitions. However back then it seems they didn’t focus on education. Women just tend to the home. There was no special skill that men considered useful. Everyone cooked, cleaned, and bedded their men. If you weren’t queen you were no one and the best you could hope for was someone of nobility will want you so that you and your family could be better off and not shamed. Crazy how the likelihood of a family rest solely on who the daughter married. Damn it’s so complicated. Perhaps women are so complicated because men made us this way.


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