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Writers wanting a free ride

I think this is super cool and I’m thinking of applying.

Street of Dreams

Ok, I won’t lie. This is an amazing idea. Amtrack is offering free residency for one of their long rides. It’s a program which on a rolling basis which accepts promising new writers! The form is quick and easy to fill out (yes I might be filling it out right now! ) so why not give it a try! Maybe you can be the next great traveling writer. 🙂

* Note, as in the comments, it’s been noted that what you submit can be (though may not be) used by Amtrak. I always suggest writing pieces specifically for contests. In short, don’t give a piece that you are supper attached to/don’t want them using. 🙂


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Any curvy bloggers?!!!

I’m looking for curvy women who are bloggers to discuss working with Nicci Gilbert of R&B Divas. If you are or know of anyone please contact me. It can be a blogger, person with a youtube channel, make up artist, etc.

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Professionalism going down the toilet?!!!


Everyday social media is exposing the attention seekers of the world. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little attention. I mean who doesn’t want to be admired, appreciated, or popular. The real issue lies behind the boundaries people crossing for attention. Yes we can have the argument all day long that your personal life should be your personal life and not effect what you do at work but that would be a lie. Rather you want to admit it or believe it, YES it does matter what you do on your personal time if you’re a teacher, police officer, mayor, or any other type of public official as well as other professions. If you are going to be a sleazy individual than you should at least have the decency to not post it on social media.

I get that times have changed and a lot of things get a “pass” that didn’t use to but at what point do you say perhaps there are some children that shouldn’t see me this way or even this could affect my job. I get that hardly anyone cares about offending anyone and partly because negative feedback seems to be what gives you the most attention so people will do anything to get a rise out of folks just for a “like” “share” or “comment.” Some things should be left and kept among friends.

I don’t consider myself a shrewd or a square but maybe I am. However I would rather be an employed shrewd with class than a negative attention seeking whore asshole.

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No New Friends???

The artist Drake released a song called “No New Friends” and of course the catchy little tune was loved by everyone and played non-stop on the radio. Everywhere you looked up on social media was a funny little quirk about how people didn’t want “new friends” which got me to thinking, how do I feel about new friends?

The song is a play on words of being around people you trust and people you can rely on. At what point does a friend become an “old” friend because not everyone can keep childhood friends. Sometimes I envy people with “childhood” friends because I don’t have any. I wish I had someone that’s known me all my life, in my life full time as a friend. I’ve grown apart from all of my friends that I grew up with. Mostly because I moved away and because you find out that you don’t have as much in common as you thought or that you’ve become different people.

I love the ideal of having new friends. New friends are exciting and the definition of growth sometimes.  I’m constantly trying to broaden my horizons and part of that is meeting new people who teach you new things in which culture plays a huge part of that. Meeting new people also means new point of views on not just life but who you are as a person. How would you truly know you evolved if all you knew was all you’ve known.

If I’m completely honest, its my “new friends” who’s helped motivated me to blog. I’m on Day 6 of my 30 day blogging challenge because of new friends who made me feel like I can do it. So to those who say “No New Friends” I say give those “New Friends” to me.

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30s aren’t the new 20….they’re better!!!

It’s no secret that I had my first child at the age of 16, and because I don’t learn my lessons the first time around, I had my second at 19. I love both my boys with all my being…however I feel I sacrificed my teenage years and my 20s to be a mom. I wanted to be the best mom I knew how to be and that meant going to work and going home. I didn’t hang out and explore the world and its possibilities. I didn’t pursue my dreams and live on the edge. I don’t regret any of it either. My boys know I love them and we have a great relationship. We laugh, we talk, and we hang out and they respect me. They’re both good kids. Fast forward and now I’m 31 with a birthday fast approaching on the 21st. My youngest, 12 now lives with his father because we co-parent the best we know how and my oldest, 15 lives with me.

I don’t know if it’s because my boys are now self-sufficient, actually I know it is. However, I think its much more to it than that. When you’re in your 20s you are trying to figure life out without getting stepped on too much. Now 30s is a whole new ball game. You know how to party without getting into trouble, you no longer argue and fight over dumb stuff with dumb people. If you aren’t living your dream you’re now ready to go for it or give up lol. 30s just feel good because you’ve made enough mistakes to know that its okay to make mistakes. Maybe its just me because I feel so free and focused and ready for the world. I’m in such a happier place and I’m no longer afraid to give my all because I know life is short and I’m worth it.

Do you like your 30s, are you where you think you should be? Are you happy? Are you ready to be happy if you’re not?



Xmas so soon?!!!

A few days ago I was in the mall. Actually it was November first. Do you realize they already had up Christmas decorations. It always amazes me how fast they put those decorations up. Our economy is so financially driven and they can’t wait to sink their teeth in our pockets. The kids have barely eaten their first piece of candy and wiped off their makeup and yet here they come with the trees and wreaths. Don’t even get me started on Black Fridays are pretty much Brown Thursdays now. I’ve totally lost any all desire in any of it. Turkey not even out the oven but you have folks standing in line in the cold trying to get a deal.

Are you going to stand in a line this year? Are you already decorating? Are you one of the few sad souls being forced to work on Thanksgiving?

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Warning: Blogging creates “Zombie” like symptoms…..

Have you ever had a head full of thoughts but yet no words to speak them?

It’s day 2 of 30 days of blogging and i find myself looking for something “catchy” to talk about. Usually when I’m driving I used that as time to think. Sometimes by the time I’ve reached my destination I wonder how I got there. This challenge is turning me into a zombie and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m over thinking it.

Honestly I think my biggest problem is the pressure of an “audience.” It’s so easy to get caught up writing for “others” verses writing for yourself. I think that’s the problem with art. What good is it if no one likes it? You’re suppose to write because you love it and it makes you feel good but if its not what people want to read. Then you find yourself curving your passion for appeal. I guess that’s why there are so many “starving artists” because many people aren’t willing to “sell themselves” or their integrity for mainstream. I can respect that, but what’s wrong with wanting success? What’s wrong with having a few luxuries in life? Don’t we all want to take care of our families and shower our kids with pieces of the world? Don’t you want them to have the things in life you didn’t?

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New Writer Gets Naked

Here I am baring all and feel naked. For some people writing comes easy. When I was younger I used to be one of those people but life tends to beat you up and bruise you. The older you get the more critical you become of yourself and others aren’t that kind either. What’s worse than any of those things is feeling ignored altogether. I think that’s why people start to become someone they’re not because it feels better than being treated as if you don’t exist or matter.

Society is so different from when I was growing up. Who knew I would make statements like that? Who knew we’d become our parents. I always shake my head when I find myself sounding like my mother. Anyway, these days its much easier to reach more people thanks to this thing we call internet, and yet it’s still so hard. You know its an audience out there but yet you can’t figure out how to build one. It doesn’t help to see people jumping on TV acting a fool and being rewarded. I’m not willing to do that. No one should have to and yet its what it has come to.

I want an audience. I want to be myself. I want to write. I want to live and be happy. How do I do this? I know this may sound crazy but this is a legitimate question? Truth is, I’m new to this and this may never get read but at least I was willing to get naked….




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