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Married To Medicine Season 2

on April 8, 2014


The lines are drawn in the sand….Everyone take cover!!!

Without a doubt MTM was my favorite reality show last year. These doctors and doctor’s wives are the perfect combination of vain, catty, intelligent, bold and flat out entertainment. You can say a lot about these women but one thing you won’t say is, they’re boring. My biggest concern of season 2 was it losing its spark, rawness, and yes “realness” because it happens too often in reality TV. Often times people see themselves on TV and after taking a beating from the public, decide they need to tone it down or turn it up. Well let me tell you my good people, worry not because these broads are too ego stricken to change and I love them even more for it.

Jackie is still her God complex self, sitting on her holy thrown of I’m better than you and everyone should look like me. Except this season she will be touching more into her true Achilles hill which is her inability to bare children. As sad as that is, I’m sure she just wants to come off as grounded as possible to keep people from thinking she’s a complete bitch.

Simone is still “The Man of the House” working long hours and emasculating her husband by reiterating how much she works and don’t have time to cook, clean, and raise children. I’m not sure if her husband didn’t like how he was betrayed on TV or took a verbal beating from friends and family but now the waters are choppy because her marriage is shaky.

Ms. Mariah is showing how conceited and arrogant she truly is this season with her falling out with Ms. Quad. Just when you thought no friendship could be better, reality TV has brought out true colors once again. Apparently Ms. Mariah and her hood family have decided that they “made” Ms. Quad and she needs to lurk in the shadows or be Robin to Ms. Mariah’s Batman. Ms. Quad honey you better do you and get them coins and don’t let no one dull your shine. Now I could talk about how Ms. Quad and her storyline of her husband wanting a baby….oh wait I just did.

Toya is back and still boring but she did one thing right in introducing us to her ally friend and that’s Heavenly. Let me tell you Heavenly is anything and everything but the definition of her name. This dentist/doctor wife is locked and loaded with shots and apparently she don’t come with a safety because even Toya was dissed. First episode of the season Heavenly hosted a black tie event at her home for all the cast and she went straight for the throats of Jackie and Simone. She is definitely a new villain in the “Reality” world.

Married to Medicine added 2 people this season and although they showed Lisa, they didn’t feel she was worthy of a real introduction for this first episode which leads me to believe she’s probably just a filler but only time will tell.

I don’t know about you but I will be tuned in every week of this season. These ladies will definitely bring the heat this spring.


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