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Online Dating Rituals of the American Male

on March 12, 2014


Remember when online dating was taboo? Well not anymore and now Bravo aka “Reality Show Channel” has brought us another show to get addicted to. Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is a docu-series based on men dating women they meet online. Each episode follows 2 men as they initiate contact then date different women from online dating websites.

I know many of you are thinking a lot of these guys will not be themselves because they know they will be on TV and though that may be true, many of them will actually be worse. Prime example, their debut episode featured Alex, a 27 year old “douche-bag” who’s recovering from self-esteem. Ladies if you ever questioned a man’s sincerity because everything he said was too perfect, he is proof as to why you should doubt it. Alex who admits to being a childhood chubby who had problem getting girls and now is constantly on the chase to find a woman to sleep with on date one. Speaking from experience, he is the most common man on the dating scene. This guy is the reason why make-out sessions are a big No-No on date one. Alex is your worst case scenario in dating.

Then there is Marcus aka “the divorcee” who is 36 and looking for love. Marcus is what any and every woman would want; tall, dark, handsome and a body built for a queen. This chocolate man is also educated and established with no children. As predicted and expected, Marcus goes on dates with some of the oddest and craziest women. Though Marcus seems to be a honest and straight forward good guy there is one thing we must keep in mind, there are cameras rolling. Either way there are some lessons to be learned for us single ladies out there.

Thus far Bravo has found a way to suck another hour out of my life or at the very least 40 min as I fast forward through commercials. I’m curious to see who the next set of men will be next week but I’m even more curious to see what kind of women they are dating. For now you’ll have to excuse this shallow post but I blame it on this shallow show. Online Dating Rituals of the American Male (this title is too damn long) airs 10pm Sunday on Bravo.

Will you be watching??!


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