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No New Friends???

on November 6, 2013

The artist Drake released a song called “No New Friends” and of course the catchy little tune was loved by everyone and played non-stop on the radio. Everywhere you looked up on social media was a funny little quirk about how people didn’t want “new friends” which got me to thinking, how do I feel about new friends?

The song is a play on words of being around people you trust and people you can rely on. At what point does a friend become an “old” friend because not everyone can keep childhood friends. Sometimes I envy people with “childhood” friends because I don’t have any. I wish I had someone that’s known me all my life, in my life full time as a friend. I’ve grown apart from all of my friends that I grew up with. Mostly because I moved away and because you find out that you don’t have as much in common as you thought or that you’ve become different people.

I love the ideal of having new friends. New friends are exciting and the definition of growth sometimes.  I’m constantly trying to broaden my horizons and part of that is meeting new people who teach you new things in which culture plays a huge part of that. Meeting new people also means new point of views on not just life but who you are as a person. How would you truly know you evolved if all you knew was all you’ve known.

If I’m completely honest, its my “new friends” who’s helped motivated me to blog. I’m on Day 6 of my 30 day blogging challenge because of new friends who made me feel like I can do it. So to those who say “No New Friends” I say give those “New Friends” to me.


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